Wooden Fetoscope, Hands-Free Fetoscope


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Wooden Fetoscope, Hands-Free Fetoscope


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Wooden fetoscopes were used to listen to fetal heartbeats and carried to births by Montana midwives in the late 1800s and early 1900s, prior to the availability of metal and rubber models. The more modern version also pictured was secured on the head and allowed the wearer free use of the hands. When a pregnant woman wanted to hear her baby's hearbeat without an ultrasound, Browder would pass the ear pieces of the head fetoscope to her to listen.


Digital image held by the Women's Reproductive History Alliance (WRHA); original object in the care of Dolly Browder, Missoula, Montana.


Browder purchased the wooden model at a midwifery conference in the mid-1990s, while the head fetoscope was ordered from a catalogue in 1978.


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